Starting Monday - February 25, 2019
Power and Navigation classes are offered Monday & Thursday evenings starting 7:00 pm
Safe Boating Class 176 1st ave East Greenwich. EG Community room.
Advanced Nav Class 1 Masthead Dr. Warwick, Brewers Marina

Power class is $90.00 per person.

$60.00 per person after 1st paid person of same family
14 lessons. Includes: Course outline & Policy / Navigation BAY CHART /
BS&S Text / All handouts during the course
This course assumes that you have no previous knowledge. Extra help available every evening.
It also includes 8 Navigation sessions.



25 lessons $200 (Mondays and Thursdays)
Includes: Navigation Text Book, 1210TR Chart / All handouts
additional 1210TR Charts / Radar Plotting Sheets / Napier Diagrams

This class covers all navigation topics up to the area of Celestial Navigation
~ about 4 hours of homework weekly
Text book with Student Study Guide
Full Navigation package: $200

Make Check Payable to: North Star Flotilla
Mail to: North Star Flotilla
44 Bowen Briggs Ave
Warwick, RI 02886 
Include your phone number and email
You may be eligible for ONE of the discounts below…
10% Discount for Brewer Yacht Greenwich Bay Patrons
10% Discount if you send your check before December 25
Discount applies to Power and Sail classes only.

To sign up for the class, Fill out form below or:

Call: 401-739-6028

Full Name Which Class do you want to register for? Power Class

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Adv. Navigation
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Zip How many years have you been boating?
Home Phone Do you own a boat? Yes NO
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